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Create your own properties and run them through as many scenarios as you like. You can even make your scenarios public so that others can see your analysis. There is a convenient URL created for every property analysis for you to share with others. Come back anytime and update your properties, add new portfolios, or upload new property photos.

Investment Features

  • Instant physical real estate address verification and lookup
  • Calculated estimations provided for valuations of price and rent
  • Instant map for street level view and neighborhood location view
  • Adjust settings and run several different configurations
  • One form to instantly populate results for a property from address only

Premium and Professional Real Estate Features

  • Save scenarios as private or public
  • Save PDF versions of real estate profomas
  • Mobile access view including iPad and iPhone

Analyzing investment properties is one the primary aspects of real estate investing and is central to purchase of any property. With so many properties available and so many to analyze it can result in a lot of time spent researching. Ultimately, real estate profomas need to be available quickly so that many of them can be processed to locate appropraite target purchases. Be sure to visit the blog for more real estate investment insights and for additional information on how title affects real estate investment decisions be sure to visit:

Title can present many different scenarios and it has one of the most important parts of real estate investment transaction: the closing.